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A Rose By Any Other Name: Shawna Rose & her Family's Story of Down Syndrome
A personal and helpful guide to raising a child with Down Syndrome. A must read for parents, family and friends of anyone who wishes to be informed and inspired by Shawna and what her family has learned. The actual interview with Shawna is very inspiring! Makes a great, thoughtful gift!
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Fairy Tales & Horror Stories: A Memoir
Merlyn's Memoir!
This book is a compilation of perfect rural country life filled with stories of a serial killer, Theology, Angels, Demons, Sex, drugs & rock'n'roll, backstage theater stories, musician tales from gigs on the road, Renaissance faires, Religion, Sociopaths, Empaths, Conservatism, Spiritualism, Fortune Telling, Nudism, Magic and many more subjects are woven together in this true life tale of a woman who lived to tell it. Fact IS stranger than fiction.

If Erma Bombeck and Flannery O' Conner had mentored a child, she would've written this book. But they didn' I did. ~ Merlyn Fuller, Author
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The Merlinian Legend
If you love the legends of Merlin the Magician, but think he got a raw deal, this book is for you! In this book Merlyn Fuller takes on tales of Merlin and revisits them with magick, love and adventure from the Wizard's point of view!